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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Needlefelted butterfly felt pillow

I love needlefelting for lots of's easy, fun, stress-relieving...but mostly I love it because it's like painting with wool.

I used a stencil to mark the butterfly outline on the felt, then I just started placing strands of wool inside to create a multi-color effect on the wings. I accented the butterfly with embroidery, then assembled the pillow with a second piece of felt and closed in some stuffing with a blanket stitch.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Felt flower greeting card

This was my project featured this past week on Cool2Craft...a cheerful needlefelted greeting card!

I love working with felt and fabric on my cards, it's a nice break from paper every once in a while. It's also easier to go "off the edge" with the design and not worry about it getting crimped or torn.

Click here for complete project instructions plus my video tutorial.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

upcycle a wool sweater into a needlefelted pillow—an oldie but a goodie

i've been itching to work with wool some more (pun intended)...a few years ago i made this cute little sofa pillow for my mom, using a friend's wool sweater that had holes in it.

my friend knew better than to toss her husband's old sweater, but she also knew she'd not likely get around to trying needlefelting. so lucky me, i got the sweater!

i cut off the sleeves, neck, and bottom band...all just straight across, leaving the largest piece from the middle of the sweater in tact with its side seams; it was like a large tube. i needlefelted my pattern on to one side, stuffed it, and stitched it up on the top and bottom edges.

if you haven't tried needlefelting before, click here to watch one of my tutorials.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

needlefelting nirvana

ocean sunset
silk and merino wool roving on lutradur

i think i could needlefelt all's creative, easy, quick, forgiving, fun, artistic, crafty, stress-draining...what more could you want? click here to watch last week's episode of wednesday night live, where i demonstrate lots of needlefelting techniques, tips and project ideas. try it, you'll like it!

autumn leaf
variegated hand-dyed wool roving with yarn on wool felt

Saturday, September 25, 2010

poor bloggy

my blog has been sooooo neglected. i place the blame squarely on the new fall line-up on tv!

anyway, last week on the cool2craft pj party, i demo-ed this "millefiori" technique for making needlefelted beads. i learned it from the book, fast, fun & easy needlefelting. it is indeed easy and fun! i made a little bracelet for mon ami with the purple and pink beads.

now what to do with the red, cream and purple beads?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

time for a little cuppycake

tonight on cool2craft, i demo-ed a quickie needlefelting project - a doodley cupcake using yarn and roving on a felt foundation. it was super fast and easy to felt, cut out, then glue to some cardstock to make a cute birthday card.

click here to watch the webisode, there were lots of other super cool demos too - a spraypaint tie-dye teeshirt, embossed metal sheets, and handpainted collage papers. i love cool2craft, we get to be silly and i always learn something new!

Friday, September 03, 2010

a single strand of yarn

this was a fun needlefelted piece i did as part of a product review article i wrote. the product i was working with and reviewing were the cute little charms; they were perfect embellishments.

wool yarn is great for needlefelting outlines like this. it was really fun to just grab a skein of yellow yarn and start doodling randomly on my piece of black felt....but i challenged myself to create the whole design with one long continuous strand—no cutting.

after my doodle was all punched into place, i added a variety of brightly colored embroidery stitches and then stitched the charms on with a bit of black thread.

this piece just makes me happy, it looks so cheerful to it hangs right near my computer in my studio.

can you tell where the strand starts and stops? click here for the answer!

Monday, April 12, 2010

painting with wool

today i was a featured guest on cool2craft. i demonstrated the basics of needlefelting - and shared how to "paint" with wool to create a scene on a piece of felt. i chose an impressionist painting from monet as my inspiration, called waterlillies and agapanthas. now i just have to figure out how to work this little ditty (8.5x11) into a cool fiber art piece!

Monday, June 01, 2009

wanna cupcake?

i'm so excited! the cupcake books are finally here, they just arrived in the c&t warehouse!!

these are the three needlefelted projects i created for the book...a birthday cupcake, valentines cupcake, and a holiday cupcake. use one as a pin cushion or just display them on a plate for fun. they were so enjoyable to make, and i promise it's not hard to learn how—you really should try it!

there are so many cute projects in this book, not just needlefelting either. there are projects to knit, quilt, sew and papercraft too. all the projects were created by c&t staff and authors. and it's just 6" square, it makes such a sweet gift for any crafter!

soooo - howsabout i offer up three free copies??!! here's how you can enter to win your very own adorable cupcake book:

for one entry: post a comment here

for a second entry: talk about my book giveaway on your own blog with a link back here...or post a link on your facebook page, or tweet about it. then post a second comment here to tell me you did it.

for a third entry: subscribe to my email list...enter your email address up there on the right. if you're already a subscriber, you're automatically entered once in the drawing! i promise not to bombard your in-box with junk, just some creative inspiration a few times a week.

i will pick three winners at random from all the entries on thursday night, june 4th. good luck!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

almost cupcake time! •••

in june, a new book called cupcakes! is coming out—and 3 of my needlefelted projects are featured in it. the purple one on the cover of the book is one of them!

it's an incredibly cute book, with tons of cupcake projects for all kinds of crafters—from paper to sewing to quilting to needlefelting and knitting—and it has recipes too. we had lots of fun in the office frosting and decorating real cupcakes for a photo shoot and video that will be coming out to promote the book.

even if you aren't so crafty yourself, it makes a great gift. you can click here to place a backorder for your very own you can get it the second it is released!! i promise you will {heart} it...

and the last book that one of my board book projects was published in is on special right now, in celebration of national craft month. you can get 40% off color your world with princess mirah batiks—just enter promotion code cwpm309 when you order (deadline is 3/31/09).

Thursday, November 27, 2008


this week's challenge at one powerful hour was to use inchies in a larger piece of work. i know inchies are a big deal right now, but i never thought i'd have the patience to do collage work on such a small scale - i'm not into moo cards either for the same reason. but then it hit me (rather like a 2x4)....oooohhh, just make a larger collage and then cut it up into one inch squares, d'oh! you still have to work with small pieces, but i can deal much easier with the concept now that i stepped outside the inchie box.

so i had this scrappy little needlefelted piece that i was doodling with while working a trade show a while back, where i was demonstrating just how easy needlefelting is. I cut two inchies from it and used them in this postcard, which will be my little reminder as i continue to try new things outside my comfort zone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

never toss a wool sweater

even if it is too small or has a hole in it. my friend glenna kindly offered me a lovely sweater of her husband's that had two such characteristics. it was made of a very nice brown wool, so she thought i could needlefelt something on it. well i do appreciate and respect the whole repurpose-reuse-recycle movement, so i accepted the challenge and decided to make a pillow for my mom. i trimmed away the sleeves and such, and found a flower and vine design in a dover clip art book that i liked. i changed the flowers to fuchsias because she has them in her backyard, and started punching the design into the wool with roving, yarns and felt. i anchored a few bits down with some embroidery stitches. the large fuchsia actually covered the aforementioned hole. i stuffed it and stitched it up and voila, a perfectly fine piece of wool found a good home.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

and now for something completely different

over at mixed media monday, they posted a challenge to make a mixed media piece with a "body parts" theme. I decided to go with a torso, nude of course. i needlefelted two colors of wool roving on to a piece of 8" square wool felt, and tapped in some metallic fibers at the end for a little sparkle. then i used a bronze metallic dimensional paint to draw the triangle designs all around her...for my first attempt at needlefelting a nude, i rather like it! the sparkle and the shape of the triangles make me think of an empowered female.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

yes becky, there is a craft for paws

if you don't believe me, check out this book...(i know becky will love the cover!) the author included optional instructions on how to blend in your's pooch's hair with wool to make an adorable little needlefelted dog. in fact, she made a pair of corgi's for the queen of england using her royal doggy locks.
needlefelting is really fun and pretty easy, it's like painting and sculpting with loose bits of wool and a pokey needle, although i haven't tried making these puppies yet.

anyway, think twice before tossing out that pet hair on the bottom of your swiffer—one girl's dirt might be a queen's treasure!

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