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Monday, June 23, 2014

Make a Fourth of July Centerpiece with Craft Attitude

I do love a good blog hop - and my good friends at Craft Attitude know how to do it right! I'm delighted to take part in their Fourth of July blog hop - here's how you can make a vintage-inspired Americana centerpiece for your party table.

The foundation is two 2"x4"x12" blocks of Smoothfoam glued together, then painted with two coats of blue acrylic paint. I added a topcoat of Triple-Thick Gloss Glaze to give it a little shine. I attached a few 2" strips of red cardstock together to make a long strip and wrapped it around the base. I printed out my title on Craft Attitude (in reverse) and adhered it to white cardstock.

I found a pack of ten 7" white cardboard stars in the kids aisle of my local craft store - perfect! Then I dug around online for several different nice vintage Americana images and printed them on to sheets of Craft Attitude Inkjet Film.

I rubbed one side of each star with a glue stick, positioned it on my printed image, then used a brayer to press the star firmly on to the film. Remember to print images in reverse - the star goes down on the inked side of the film. Then I cut the film all around the star to fit and peeled off the paper liner. Some images were large enough to fit the whole star in one piece. For the smaller images, I centered them on the star, then I used the scraps from the larger images to fill in the star points as needed.

I attached two stars together with just three adhesive foam squares as shown - it creates a little place to insert a painted wood skewer between the stars without any other glue, then you can tilt the stars on the skewers if you want, plus they're easy to take apart for storage. Having images on both sides allows the centerpiece to look nice from the back as well as the front.

I glued a strip of sequin waste to the top to help keep the skewers steady in their holes as I poked the stars into the foam block, with shorter stars in front and the tallest star in back.

The last step is the cute little Smoothfoam balls, painted with clear gel glue and dipped in chunky vintage glass glitter. I wound some heavy-gauge wire around a pencil to make little springs, leaving an inch or two straight at each end. I poked a ball on the wire, the wire into the block - they're super cute and jiggly wiggly!

Now some of you might be thinking...why not just run white cardboard through the inkjet to print the images and text directly? Why print everything on Craft Attitude film first? There are a few really good reasons - buying pre-cut stars and cutting the film to fit is much easier than printing and cutting white scissor fingers would have been so unhappy cutting all that cardboard. Some thicker substrates don't go through the inkjet printer easily, and the matte finish of the film ensures a really nice, crisp print.

Give a like to Craft Attitude on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and check 'em out on Pinterest, too. You can customize pretty much any surface you want with your favorite images and Craft Attitude - it has a yummy smooth matte finish that hugs the surface and melts right in so it looks custom-printed - even embossed and textured surfaces.

More designers will be posting all week!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Word mosaic with Craft Attitude and Smoothfoam - plus a giveaway!

You may already have Volume 1 of this book, but you really do need Volume 2, too!
The New Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word is filled with inspiring quotes, words and prompts to use in your craft projects.

I was flipping through the book the other day, trying to decide what to make for my webcast. I saw a passage that said "words become art" and that's what made me think of creating a word mosaic plaque, using Smoothfoam and Craft Attitude Printable Film.

There are word mosaic apps out there to do the job, but I decided to just use Powerpoint to arrange several words together related to painting.

My video and tutorial is below - and if you leave a comment here on the blog, you'll be entered to win your own copy of this wonderful book (US only - sorry to our international friends).


A sheet of Smoothfoam makes a great surface for a lightweight plaque, plus I wanted a white background for the word mosaic. I also really like how the film just melts right into the texture of the foam.

- Smoothfoam sheet
- Craft Attitude Film
- White paint
- Iridescent medium
- Paint brush
- Glue stick
- Ink pad
- Narrow ribbon
- Paper-backed aluminum tape
- Screen repair tape
- Clear glitter
- Scissors, paper trimmer

1.  Blend a little paint with medium and brush the Smoothfoam with one coat; let dry.

2.  Print your image out, in reverse, on to Craft Attitude film; trim to size.

3.  Cover the Smoothfoam surface with glue stick. Peel back a little of the paper liner, position the film and press into place. Smooth the film on to the glued surface as you continue to peel away the liner.

4.  Distress the edges with an ink pad and smudge the color with a damp paper towel. Glue a narrow ribbon around the edge of the image.

5.  To make a frame, layer and glue the screen tape on top of the aluminum tape, then sprinkle lightly with clear glitter.

6.  Adhere the tape around the edges of the Smoothfoam, wrapping excess to the back. Add a small strip of aluminum tape to the corners like a brace.

Leave a comment to enter to win a copy of The New Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Word - deadline to enter is April 10th. Good luck!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seahorse drawing with chalk pastel pencils

This past Saturday on my webcast, I shared a mixed media technique I learned from a demo at my local artists group, then I added a little of my own's the finished seahorse that I started during the webcast.

Click here to watch the full 30-minute show or watch the highlights below.

Click here to download the project tutorial as a PDF.


1.  Adhere the tissue to the watercolor paper by brushing Mod Podge (thin first with a little water), above and beneath the tissue, brushing creases and wrinkles into it as you go. Let dry.

2.  Paint a pale background on top with watercolors - I used blues and purples. Use less water for richer colors. Let dry.

3.  Use a pastel pencil to trace a seahorse from a royalty-free image printed from your computer on to parchment paper, then flip it over and transfer the seahorse to the watercolor paper by rubbing the tracing with a craft stick.

4.  Stamp a random pattern around the seahorse – I stamped little circles to look like bubbles.

5.  Color in the seahorse with pastel pencils. I used my finger to blend blue, green, purple and yellow together.

6.  Rub some PanPastel color over the surface to accentuate the wrinkles. Spritz lightly with a pastel fixative. Let dry.

7.  Highlight all or part of the seahorse with Dimensional Magic. I left random open streaks on his belly. Sprinkle clear glitter on top and let dry, then brush off any excess glitter.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dazzle-it Neo Chain bracelet and blog hop

My friend Carmi sent me some Dazzle-it products to try - different sizes of blue and pink Neo Chain with findings - and I'm happy to be participating in her blog hop!


Neo Chain comes in lots of bright colors and each link has a bevel cut to expose the metal beneath the color for extra sparkle.

The chain has long, narrow links which make for a nice drape, so I cut 9 lengths of the larger blue chain and 3 lengths of the smaller pink chain. I made a few of the blue chains slightly longer than the rest. I looped matching pink and blue jump rings through each set of chains, then put them together on white jump rings and added a clasp. Quick, easy and beautiful!

Click here to see all the designers' projects in the hop - enjoy!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Broken glass" mosaic panel with inked acetate

Today on my webcast, I showed how to create a "broken glass" mosaic panel with alcohol inks, glitter and acetate - perfect for a greeting card. The technique was inspired by a mosaic project in Andrea and Cliff's new book - The Crafter's Book of Clever Ideas.

We gave away a copy of the book during the live webcast and we have another copy to give away right now!

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post by April 10, 2014.

Click here for a list of more designers who are giving away a copy too - lots of chances to win!

Click here to download the project instructions. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Banners of Hope exhibit at the Craft & Hobby Mega Show

I'm thrilled to be participating in this very special exhibit - Banners of Hope. Dozens of designers are stitching up artistic banners with messages of hope to hang in an exhibit at the CHA Mega Show in January. This is the first project hosted by the new Fabric Arts Council, a group of buyers, sellers and designers within the CHA membership.

For my banner, I cut this large flower from a printed upholstery linen that has been sitting in my stash a long while (Cassandra by Duralee Fabrics), which I accented with coordinating colors of glitter, painted on with clear gel glue. The three brads each say the word "hope." At the bottom, I glued a black metal bookbinding strip, covered with olive green washi tape. The metal tag at the bottom says "encourage your hopes, not your fears."
After the CHA show is over, the banners will be displayed as part of fundraising efforts for the Charity Wings Art Center. The exhibit will then travel to various charitable events and organizations throughout 2014.

Monday, November 04, 2013

A handmade Christmas ornament makes a nice thank-you gift

Today is the first Monday of the month, which means it's time for a Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!

Click on the blue DCC logo in my sidebar to hop in either direction to the next blog, then look for the logo on each blog to continue hopping through them all.

This month it's all about handmade thank-you gifts.

I think a handmade ornament is a lovely thing to give someone as a thank-you. It's great for a hostess gift too, with the holiday party season coming up.

I will be sending this particular ornament to my friend Genelle - not as a thank-you, but as part of an ornament swap for Charity Wings.

Here's how I made this Christmas ornament - it went together pretty quickly!


3" Smoothfoam ball
Craft paints - light green, dark green
Decoupage medium
Fine glitter
Self-adhesive ribbon
Chiffon ribbon
Medium gauge wire
'Tis the Season beads
'Tis the Season snowflake charm
Ball-head straight pins
Wood skewer
Paint brush
Paint sponge
Beading pliers - flat and round-nose

1.  Poke a skewer into the ball's starter hole and slowly push it straight through to the other side, to turn the ball into a bead. Leave the skewer in the ball to use as a handle while you paint it light green; let dry.

2.  Sponge-paint a coat of dark green on top of the light green and let dry. This gives the ball a nice texture, like forest greenery.

3.  Apply a coat of decoupage medium to the bottom half of the ball (use the center seam as a guide), then sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.

4.  Press a strip of decorative self-adhesive ribbon around the center seam.

5.  Push several ball-head pins into the top half of the ball - I spaced them rather randomly to look like little snowballs on the green. Twist and remove the skewer.

6.  Thread a few beads for the bottom of the ball on to an 8-9" length of wire.  Use the round-nose pliers to make a twisted loop at the bottom. Thread the wire up through the bottom of the ball and add a couple beads to the top. Make another loop at the top, leaving about 1/8" of wire between the top loop and the top beads.

7.  Push the ball up on the wire so the 1/8" space is above the beads at the bottom, then tie a little bow with chiffon ribbon on to the wire.

8.  Use pliers and a jump ring to add a charm to the bottom loop - and your ornament is ready to hang!

For lots more great ideas for holiday decorating, check out the Smoothfoam blog!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Christmas tree wallhanging with metal charms

The good folks at Prima Beads sent me a lovely selection of beads and metal charms that I've been creating with this week. My last bit of pre-holiday cheer (before I switch over to Halloween mode) is this Christmas tree wallhanging.

And don't forget to enter to win your own selection of holiday beads and charms - tomorrow is the last day - click here for the post with the entry widget!

I started with a 6"x12" sheet of Smoothfoam and painted it with textural stucco paint blended with green ink.

Then I dry-brushed some darker green paint on top, and added some clear glitter paint for a final coat to give it more dimension.

I bent pieces of wire into a leaf shape with one longer end which I bent down so each leaf could be poked into the foam. I wanted the tree to be a bit lumpy and full-looking, like a real tree would look (in an abstract way)...not a perfect triangle.

In order to keep some of the charms from sliding away from the leaf points, I glued a small silver bead near the point as a stopper.

To make the tree-topping star, I slid beads on to long head pins, bent the bottom ends down and pushed them into the foam.

I thought this was a fun, mixed media way to display a variety of metal charms from Prima's 'Tis the Season line!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Painted gift box - with Spellbinders

I love treating the lid of a gift box like a canvas for mixed media - my latest project for Spellbinders and Cool2Craft is extra special. But now I kinda want to rip the dress charm off the box and wear it like a pendant around my neck! I really love how this turned out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Glitter and lace artist trading cards

Last night my local ATC group met for our monthly swap. The theme was glitter and lace - it's a technique we learned where you use lace to mask off a pattern on a sheet of double-stick adhesive.

I started with a 1.5" Aleene's Tacky Dot, pressed a section of the lace on top and sprinkled the blue glitter. Shake off the excess glitter, slowly peel off the lace, then sprinkle the yellow glitter to fill up all the remaining adhesive, and tap off the excess. Use the plastic liner from the Tacky Dot to rub the glitter down so it stays put.

Then I stamped around the glitter with Perfect Pearls and spritzed the card with Perfect Pearls Mist. The narrower top card is glued to a backer card that has a strip of aluminum tape on one edge, and I accented the design with a mini dahlia embellishment.

Here are the ATCs that I got from the group using the same technique - lots of fun!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Glitter and lace technique

Ahhhh...tonight was my monthly ATC group and it was just what I needed. Although I didn't have a chance ahead of time to make ATCs to give, so I gave some IOUs, lol.

Cathy was in charge of our demo this time—she shared this great technique where you apply a double-sided adhesive sheet to the card, peel off the top liner and lay a piece of lace lightly on top, nice and flat. Then you sprinkle glitter on top, shake of the excess and peel off the lace. You get a gorgeously glittered reverse pattern of the lace.

Then you sprinkle a contrasting color of glitter over the areas of the adhesive that were previously masked with the lace, tap it off and it's beautiful! You can also work with multiple colors to create an ombre or marbled effect.

The same technique can be done with metal's recommended that you rub some natural bar soap on the stencil first, and apply the soaped side to the adhesive when you mask, so it releases easier. I tried it with a seahorse stencil, soooo cool!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Hearts & button butterflies wallhanging

The first Monday of each month is the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop—this month our theme is "Handmade with love." After you're done here, click on the hop links in the DCC logo on my sidebar to go to the next blog. Look for the same logo on each blog to hop through them all!

I made this romantic little glittery three-heart wallhanging in one of my favorite color combos, purple and olive green. Here are my project instructions, it went together very quickly!

1.  Sand three thin wood heart shapes until smooth and drill two holes at the top and one hole at the bottom of each.

2.  Paint both sides and the edges with one coat of Hydrangea Purple Martha Stewart craft paint, let dry.

3. Paint the tops with one coat of Sugar Plum Glitter Martha Stewart craft paint, let dry.

4. Rub a purple StazOn ink pad lightly around the top edge of each heart, let dry.

5. Arrange a selection of buttons (mine are from Buttons Galore & More) into a butterfly shape on each heart, and glue down with Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue.

6. Add a self-adhesive teardrop rhinestone for each butterfly's head, and self-adhesive pearls for antennae.

7. Place a large pearl brad in the bottom hole of each heart.

8.  Thread a length of sheer ribbon through the top holes of each heart, knot in the back.

9. Slide the ribbon from one heart over and behind the brad of the next heart (for the bottom two) so all three hang together.

Friday, February 01, 2013

Rockin' the Mod Podge and glitter with my friends!

While I was at the Craft & Hobby show a couple weeks ago, I got to work in the Plaid Crafts booth with my crafty sistah Andrea and her supah-crafty hubs Cliff

We filmed a fun demo together for Plaid's YouTube channel showing off Andrea and Cliff's super cute ideas for crafting quick and easy awards and trophies using found objects, upcycled cardboard and wood scraps, some blingy embellishments, Mod Podge and truckloads of glitter!

Everyone deserves a glitter trophy for something, right?

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cute business card holder

Several of us have been making fun projects with Smoothfoam sheets and balls over the last couple months. The surface is so easy to paint and glitter, and then you can poke all kinds of pretty pins and brads into it. 

I created this little display to hang two all-year ornaments that I made, and then I used a third ball to make a business card holder with a little clip. 

I glued washers to the bottom so it will stand up, and all the pins give it extra weight so it can hold my card within the display.

Click here to see the silver ornament, click here to see the green one.

My display will be in Plasteel's booth (makers of Smoothfoam) at the Craft & Hobby (CHA) show this weekend...I'm getting all packed and ready to go!

I'll be blogging each night during CHA to share pictures and products and people...stay tuned!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Glittered glass cube pen caddy

Yippee - it's the first Monday of the month, and that means it's time for a little love for the Designer Crafts Connection! 

The theme for this month's blog hop is handmade home décor. After you're done here, click the DCC logo on my side bar over here on the right to hop through the other designers' blogs.

I love to shop the funny little clearance rack in my grocery store. It's stowed way in the back of the store, along the little hallway that leads to the back storage area. All kinds of interesting discontinued things land there for half-off—from jars of tapenade to spices, wine, vitamins, and even party supplies.

So I was thrilled to see these little 4" glass cube vases on the rack the other day, I just knew they'd be fun to alter!

I taped off a stripe around the center inside, coated the glass above and below it with Mod Podge and then glittered it up. I found out the hard way that you can see the brush strokes through the glitter, it's more apparent on the top blue stripe then it is on the bottom purple stripe. After removing the tape, I glued some pretty floral paper inside, then inserted a black paper liner. A few stripes of ribbon glued around the outside and some metallic square bling, and done!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Transform manila hang tags into a gift bow for a bottle of wine

When my mother found a box of 1000 manila hang tags marked down to just a few dollars on the clearance rack at the local office supply store, she thought how handy they'd be for a garage sale.

But we crafters usually see things a little differently, right?

Red and white inks, glitter, glue, a ribbon and some bling turns a dozen of those tags into a pretty fan-shaped gift bow to tie around the neck of a bottle of wine.

So now I have several hundred more tags...I suppose that means I need to go shopping for more wine?  ;-)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick and easy thumbtack ornament

This was a fun one to make with a Smoothfoam ball and some silver thumb tacks....just paint and poke, lol. The ball has a seam line around the center that makes a perfect guide to keep the first row of tacks straight. I used a little Tacky Glue to add glitter on the bottom and a pretty ribbon in between, then I added a few decorative gold headpins just for ducks.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Paper flower cone ornament

I signed up for a challenge from the Bit of Pink Heaven blog to create something using the items inside a surprise package from the Sigrid Studios Etsy shop.

Inside the package was a lovely variety of vintage papers and ephemera, so I made this paper flower cone ornament.

The cone itself is a piece of sheet music, and all the flowers were punched out of book pages and then colored with Pan Pastels.

The leaves were colored and cut from Monopoly money. The circle embellishment is a tab from an old milk bottle that I glittered yellow, then I punched a smaller circle from a playing card and added clear glitter to it.

The orange ric-rac that the cone is hanging by was part of the package too. The only things I added that were not in the package are the rhinestone centers of the flowers.

I still have lots of pretty papers leftover - many thanks to Eleanor and Tanja for the treats and the challenge, it was fun!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

How to make a beaded SmoothFoam ornament

It's the first Monday of the month, and that means it's time for a blog hop with the Designer Crafts Connection!

When you're done here, click on either of the "hop" links in the DCC logo in my sidebar to go to the next blog. When you get there find the same logo on her blog and keep on hoppin' in the same direction.

This month our theme is "Handmade Holidays" so I decided to make a tree ornament with a 2.5" SmoothFoam ball.

First I painted it green and added some clear glitter. Then I grabbed a bunch of pretty green stone beads and short headpins and just started pokin' 'em in. After a while it was easier on the tip of my finger to use a metal thimble.

For the beaded pins at the top and bottom, I sank those in clear glue first for stability. I love the two glass millefiori beads at the bottom!

I made it red and green so it seemed like a Christmas ornament, but I added the hints of yellow so it didn't look too Christmasy. Now I can hang it anywhere all year long.