Sunday, February 01, 2009

valentine for the tin man

my inspiration card is posted on the scrappy hours blog. the challenge is to create something with hearts and silver as a tribute to the tin man from the wizard of oz. i went the whole nine yards and made a little tin man valentine! the cardstock is silver on the inside too. the papers for his body and the large red accent heart are japanese, and he's holding a little key to his heart...he even has a little "rust" around the edges!

join in the fun at scrappy hours!


  1. I love your tinman. When I issued the challenge, I never expected anyone to take it literally, but I am so glad that you did.

  2. This is so cute and amazing, it is a hard act to follow, but I will give it a go

  3. This is so adorable! You did such a great job!!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that we can stay in touch!!!! Have a great TUESDAY!!!

  4. Love this adorable card!! the silver cardstock really looks like metal on the card!! fabulous!

  5. HE IS so cute I just watched the movie too ..:O)


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